Bio Clinica Plus Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Review

I must admit, whenever a new beauty product hits the market I am always intrigued. Sometimes I am tempted to rush out and pop a product into my shopping basket as soon as it hits the shelves, sometimes I wait and see what the reviews say. Well colour me happy because when Bio Clinica Plus Anti-Wrinkle Cream launched I was sent a pot to try!

Here’s what their website has to say, ” Bio Clinica anti-wrinkle cream contains valuable collagen, aloe vera, allantoines, bisabolol, soy and sesame oil, which can contribute to tightening and firming the skin.” So what happened when I took it for a test drive?

First Impressions

This is an incredibly pocket friendly anti-wrinkle cream – £9.95 for 50ml at time of publication – so I wasn’t really expecting much as far as packaging goes. I think it’s fair to say that, although the packaging is fairly ordinary, it did kick my low-level expectations into touch. It’s actually not bad at all, it certainly belies its price tag.

bio clinica anti-wrinkle cream

Packaging aside how was the product itself? In order to give the cream a fair chance, I’ve been using it now for two weeks. I can’t say that I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin, but I did get hit with the mother of all colds whilst smack, bang in the middle of my trial. This usually leads to me having a bad case of ‘dry skin blues’. The skin around my nose and on my cheeks becomes badly dehydrated and very blotchy. I am pleased to say that, even after a week of the dreaded bleurgh, I didn’t turn into lizard woman.

The product smells divine, three people actually commented on how lovely my skin smelled, it’s not too heavy and my make-up glided on pretty smoothly after application.

A review of bio clinica plus anti-wrinkle cream

Overall Verdict

On the whole, I’ve been pretty impressed with Bio Clinica Plus. Will it replace my regular face cream? At the moment I can’t say that it will, but I am definitely going to carry on using it and see what the results are like when I’m not poorly.


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