DIY, Decorating And Unexpected Kitchen Deliveries | Weekly Vlog Number 4

This week has definitely been a week of two halves. It started pretty well with a trip to our local DIY store to stock up on paint, blinds, curtains and general DIY stuff. Then on Thrusday we had a very unexpected delivery. Our kitchen arrived – a MONTH early! To say I was slightly traumatised […]

How To Look A Dress Size Smaller Without Losing Weight

Since starting my weight loss journey I’ve had more than a few comments and emails telling me that I don’t really need to lose any weight at all and, in fact, I look on the small side. I can’t say that I’m not thrilled to get such comments, but I do wonder whether some of […]

I’m Living In A Box, living In A Cardboard Box

We have a saying in our household – “Be careful, or we could end up living in a cardboard box, under a bridge like common trolls.”  We use it when one or the other of us is about to do something stupid – something that could metaphorically blow up in our faces. Yeah, so this […]

Heatwaves, Punting And Not Feeding The Ducks | Weekly Vlog Number 3

As I write this I am slowly melting into a overheated, sweaty mess. The fan is blowing warm air in my general direction, the air outside is stiller than a graveyard at midnight and every drink I make myself is lukewarm before I get halfway through it. If this heatwave continues there will be nothing […]

27 Small Pleasures That Make Me Content With The Here And Now

As the Summer rolls in and we see more and more of our friends and family jetting off, or planning their holidays it can be easy to get caught up in the ‘wish’. I wish I could go there….. I wish I could go now….. I wish i could go too….. Even if we have […]