Brightening Up A Black Jumpsuit For Summer | Fashion Over 50

I have not, I must admit, ever been tempted to buy a jumpsuit. I’ve always had the whole ‘will I get undressed in time if I need the loo’ worry. Yet so many of my blogging friends have posted outfit shoots featuring jumpsuits that when I saw this black jumpsuit in the sale, I thought […]

Boat Parties, Hangovers And Getting Soaked To The Skin

After the DIY disasters of last week, this week we decided to down tools and sneak back to Kent for another few weeks on our boat. Andrew had a few meetings in the area so it made sense to stay onboard – that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it! It’s been a pretty eventful […]

How To Start Killing Time And Loving The Quiet Moments

Have you ever heard someone say that killing time is wrong, and that we should make the most of every moment of our down time? It’s true that every second of life is precious, but is there really anything wrong with doing absolutely nothing? We are encouraged to make the most of every minute, even […]

DIY Disasters, Family Time And Not Burying Andrew Under The Patio | Weekly Vlog Number 5

Well, there’s been quite a lot of laughter in the Barefaced Chic household this week – nothing new there then. If you watched last week’s vlog, you will know that we have made a start on the HUGE amount of DIY that’s been hanging over us like the sword of Damocles for that last ten […]

My Top Five Outfits From The Barefaced Chic

The Barefaced Chic will be three next November. It is amazing to think that there will be three years’ of my writing, photography and video floating around on the internet. Some of the posts I’ve produced have left be bursting with pride; some not so much. My writing, photography (Andrew takes most of the pics […]