How To Have Fun Every Day | Even Whilst Doing Chores

In past posts I’ve written and pondered about enjoying the quiet moments, finding joy in the small things and the pleasure that comes from having a childlike state of mind. But what happens when we have to do something we don’t like? There are always boring chores to do, errands to run and mind numbingly […]

Styling An Embroidered Military Style Jacket – Badly!

I have never really considered myself a fashion blogger. Although I share my outfits with you, talk about how my style has evolved or maybe give you some styling tips that I’ve picked up along the way, I always categorise The Barefaced Chic as a lifestyle blog. [pipdig_left] [/pipdig_left][pipdig_right][/pipdig_right] Styling An Embroidered Military Style Jacket […]

Carnivals, 80’s Salesmen And Fizzy Sweets | Weekly Vlog Number Eight

After the week both Andrew and I have just had, it’s a wonder our brains aren’t slowly leaking out of our ears. Meeting after meeting, challenging salesperson after challenging salesperson – one of whom I honestly felt like punching. Yes, it’s been a busy but somewhat eclectic week filled with hard work and laughs. It’s […]

How To Deal With Annoying Or Offensive People | Without Throwing a Punch :)

In my 52 years on this mortal coil, I have met my fair share of annoying, offensive people. In my former life as a shy, unconfident little mouse of a woman, these annoying, offensive people would have reduced me to tears, or seen me scuttling back to my home where I would feel safe. Now, […]

The Reality Of Working For Ourselves And More Minions | Weekly Vlog Number 7

Work. That could probably sum up this week in one word. We have grabbed time off when we can, but our whole week seems to have consisted of accountants, solicitors, grabbing WIFI and travel. It’s certainly true that we relax more when we stay on the boat, but working for ourselves can sometimes mean putting […]