My Christmas Day Outfit – Fitted Grey Dress With A Hint Of Alice In Wonderland.

I hope you all had an absolutely brilliant Christmas! We had a pretty relaxed time here in Barefaced Chic land. Despite having a houseful of guests, with the help of my Minions, the day passed-by stress free – which is a miracle in itself! Choosing my Christmas day outfit was difficult – thanks to my […]

Twas The Morning Of Christmas In The Barefaced Chic Pad

‘Twas the morning of Christmas in the Barefaced Chic pad not a guest was stirring, not a sound to be had. The pressies were festively wrapped with much care, in hope that my family would dive in and tear. As the guests still lay nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of Christmas feasts […]

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas And A Stonkingly Good New Year

It’s been a bit of a mad time here at The Barefaced Chic HQ. Trying to decorate an entire house, launch a new blog and get ready for Christmas has been a bit of a challenge. But I’m definitely getting there and I’ve had so much support for this little blog of mine, it’s just […]

A Thrifted, Charity Shop, Up-Cycled Jacket

I love a good old rummage around in charity shops, it’s a brilliant way to find new things: even if they are not exactly perfect. Take this jacket that I bought for an impressively budget friendly £5.00  – It’s in excellent, wearable condition and there’s nothing screamingly wrong with it, but I just find it […]

Budget Makeup For One Pound – Poundland Has Launched It

When I heard that good old Poundland was going to launch a brand, spanking new makeup collection I can’t say that I was jumping up and down in anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no shopping snob – I’ve found many a bargain amongst the cleaning cloths and bric-a-brac that line the seemingly never-ending shelves […]