What Are Your Spending Triggers? | How To Stop Emotional Spending

I think we’ve all done it – overspent to make ourselves feel better. And it works, yep for a nanosecond we feel the thrill of our purchase. And then we feel anxious, and the anxiety turns into guilt, and the guilt turns into anger, and the anger turns into depression – so we buy something […]

How To Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them

Life is complicated, that’s why I believe that setting and achieving goals should be as simple as possible. How do we do that? By not overloading our lives with too many goals. In fact, the fewer goals we set ourselves the more likely I believe we are to succeed. Let’s keep things simple, and focus […]

How To Wear Colours That Don’t Suit You | A Yellow Longline Collared Coat

I’ve spoken in the past about wearing gold even though, in theory, it doesn’t suit me. Having Italian heritage, my skin is olive. It tans easily, has a yellow undertone and can make me look a bit sallow or like a Simpson in the wrong light 😉. This means that the colour yellow isn’t really […]

What To Wear To Transition From Business Meeting To Romance

Regular readers will probably know that my life is at best exquisitely eclectic, at worst manic. There are times when I don’t know what city I’m waking up in, or even what day it is. As much as I would love to wave goodbye to any kind of corporate life, I believe meetings are going […]