I’ve Been Nominated For A UK Blog Award, Will You Vote For Me?

Well, once again I’ve entered theĀ UK Blog Awards and, despite my initial reaction to bow out this year, I’ve decided to go ahead and ask for votes: yes, I am a glutton for punishment šŸ™‚ Why the initial cold feet? My life has been completely manic lately and I wasn’t actually sure whether I could […]

Dressed Down Festive / Yellow Long Skirt And Sparkle Top

Well, the chest infection from hell still has me in its clutches so I haven’t really left the house at all for a few weeks. I am beginning to wonder if I was meant to hibernate through winter; the cold weather certainly doesn’t agree with me. So rather than share with you my sheer amazementĀ at […]

Barefaced Chic Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Step away from the body lotion, I’ve got someĀ chic answers to your Christmas present dilemmas. I don’t know about you, but I find Christmas gift buying almost gives me an annual meltdown. It’s not the buying, it’s the choosing that has me metaphorically rocking in the corner repeatedly whispering, “What WILL she like?” Which means […]

The Precious Illusion Of Perfection

There I was, a Student Information Management Technician, (posh way of saying that I curated the information about students, exams, report cards, etc, etc) tapping away at my keyboard, frantically trying to decipher the inner workings of a student software package that had obviously been written by someone with a massive IQ, but with no […]