For the last few weeks Mr Chic and I have taken quite a few trips down memory lane. I can’t recall whether I’ve ever mentioned this – we met via an online dating website nine years ago. What followed was four mental years of toing and froing between Yorkshire and Wales. I have to admit that it was Mr Chic who did most of the… View Post

It’s Friday people! And the eager anticipation for the weekend is positively crackling in the air. Thoughts of fizz and breakfast in bed are beginning to swim in my mind. Yes, today is a good day. Unless you’re reading this post on a Monday, in which case my heart goes out to you (and me) 😕 In fact, I wish this last week had been… View Post

Every day I get emails. I get emails trying to sell me things. Emails inviting me to functions. Emails enquiring about working with me. Normal, everyday emails. But sometimes I get emails from women who are struggling. Women who are struggling due to lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, lack of friends and lack of family. And I feel for these women, because I know… View Post

Sorry for the geeky nod to Star Trek in the title, but life lately has most certainly not been as we’ve known it. I thought I’d do a bit of a catch up post to fill you in on this wonderfully eclectic life of mine: The Boat Regular readers will know that we have now sold our home in Yorkshire, with the intention of moving… View Post

I was travelling by train last week when I looked out of the widow to see the sky ablaze with the most perfect sunset. Instinctively, I turned towards Andrew to share this awesome moment, but he wasn’t there. I was so caught up in the beauty that I had forgotten I was travelling alone. I reached for my camera only to realise that it was… View Post

Well, for those of you who have kept up with my bizarre life of late and are wondering what’s going on – we are now living in Wales. We still haven’t found a house that we love enough to call home, so we have moved into one of our rental properties. I can’t say it’s perfect, but it could be a great base from which… View Post